Code of Conduct

Learn more about the Code of Conduct our graduates sign-up to.

The Road to Logistics Code of Conduct is designed to act as a guide to all candidates and graduates, setting them up to succeed with the employers with which they are placed.

  • Treat everyone you work with and meet with respect and honestly
  • Remain loyal to the people and organisations that help you develop your career
  • Ensure you do your best every working day
  • Listen and learn at every opportunity
  • Be well presented at all times
  • Remain calm and professional at all times even in difficult situations
  • Take responsibility for yourself and your actions
  • Be proactive and contribute with ideas, suggestions and feedback when appropriate
  • Do not do anything that will negatively affect the reputation of Road to Logistics or your employer
  • …and finally, work hard and make a success of your career in the Transport and Logistics industry.

All candidates sign up to this code of conduct as they enter into the Road to Logistics program.