Kath’s Views

Katherine was an NVQ Assessor in the Waste Industry. It was not a secure vocation, dependent on government funding, and she had already been made redundant twice due to funding cuts.

Kath has always loved trucks and it has been on her bucket list for a long time to get her C+E license. However, money, time and not really knowing where to start, stopped her from pursuing her dreams.

Photo of a very pleased Katherine.She heard about the Cardiff and Vale College courses in partnership with Road to Logistics, through a friend who was already on the scheme and thought it sounded like a real opportunity to finally achieve her ambitions of becoming a lorry driver.

Unfortunately around the time that Kath decided to apply, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and was concerned about how viable it would be to learn to drive a lorry, as well as being a Mum, working, and fighting to beat the big C.

She was very relieved when she made enquiries about the program, to learn that it was extremely flexible and could be worked around her already busy schedule. This was particularly important as she couldn’t afford not to work, so being able to train and work was absolutely vital for Kath.

Kath speaks very highly of everyone involved in the HGV training process. She describes the DTS system used by Road to Logistics, to allow learners to revise for their theory as “phenomenal”. “It was very intuitive and user friendly” she said. “It allowed me to revise religiously for 2 to 3 hours every night without burn-out, and it was great to be able to see how well I had done after each session, so I knew immediately where I had gone wrong.”

As a result, Kath flew through her theory, passing first time. Unfortunately, as is fairly common in the world of LGV tests, her practical did not go quite so smoothly. Contracting flu on the day of her test, Kath failed first time, but immediately got back in the wagon, asking for a cancellation and passed her C+E second time in December 2022. She is very grateful to JW Training whose support and expertise gave her the confidence and ability to pass second time around.

Katherine's certification success.

Kath is now working for the local Council, and is currently going through driver assessments to allow her to drive waste disposal lorries.

Kath is keen to pursue this type of work as she needs some flexibility around her work/life balance as she is currently caring for her Mum. Unlike her previous role as an NVQ assessor, driving for the council gives her the flexibility she needs as well as job security, opportunity for overtime, pension and paid holiday.

Kath has since had the all clear from breast cancer and is looking forward to starting a whole new chapter of her life, thanks to the funded program from Cardiff and Vale Council.